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Running a fine dining restaurant has evolved into an intensely competitive sport. Restaurateurs vie to capture diners’ hearts with imaginative cocktails, impeccable service and signature dishes that are nothing short of perfection.

The moment you stop striving, you risk falling behind. Luckily, your restaurant has a competitive edge: Hamilton Beach Commercial restaurant equipment for the kitchen and bar.

Enhance Culinary Techniques with Vacuum Sealing

The PrimaVac™ In-Chamber Vacuum Sealer is an indispensable piece of equipment for any fine-dining restaurant kitchen. Not only does a vacuum chamber sealer allow you to dramatically extend the shelf life of expensive food, such as meat and fish, but it can allow chefs to execute certain techniques in a fraction of the time. Quick-curing; speed marinating; rapid pickling; hydroshocking fresh greens to revive them; infusing fruits and syrups;  and, of course, cooking foods perfectly sous vide — it’s all possible with PrimaVac™.

Create Your Culinary Vision

In a fast-paced kitchen, nothing outperforms the EXPEDITOR™ family of culinary blenders. From soups to salsas, persillade to remoulade, the EXPEDITOR blenders deliver powerful and precise blending. With rugged construction and a 3-year warranty — plus a lifetime warranty on the blade and motor drive coupling — the EXPEDITOR is restaurant equipment your  kitchen will rely on for years.

Blend without Compromising the Dining Atmosphere

Fine restaurants know that noise levels are an essential part of the environment. If the racket of a blender behind the bar interrupts guests’ intimate conversations, the ambiance is ruined. Quiet and powerful, the Eclipse™ high-performance blender blends drinks with ease, shift after shift.

Other high-performance blenders from Hamilton Beach Commercial also feature Quiet Shield™  and QuietBlend™ technology, which dampen blending noise to be virtually undetectable.

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