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Healthcare food service is changing rapidly. Down-home staples like fried chicken and meatloaf are coming off the menu, in many cases, to be replaced with healthful, produce-centered, freshly made options. Is your kitchen up to the challenge?

Hamilton Beach Commercial makes commercial kitchen equipment that’s both powerful — standing up to the toughest conditions and round-the-clock use — and versatile, allowing chefs to blend, puree, chop and mix to precise specifications.

Easy Blending in Large Batches

When cooking meals to meet patients and residents’ medical needs, such as soft or salt-free recipes, consistency is paramount. The EXPEDITOR™ family of culinary blenders delivers powerful and precise blending with a capacity up to 1 gallon, ideal for healthcare applications. With a 3-year warranty — plus a lifetime warranty on the blade and motor drive coupling — the EXPEDITOR is designed and tested to stand up to the toughest conditions in busy kitchens.

Vacuum Sealing Helps Reduce Waste

A powerful tool for chefs working in institutional settings is the PrimaVac™ line of vacuum packaging machines. PrimaVac™ makes sous vide cooking easy: just vacuum-seal meat, vegetables, poultry or fish, cook to perfection, and hold at temperature until ready to finish and serve. It’s a brilliant solution for serving hot meals all day, or during extended dining hours.

Delight Patients with Smoothies

Frozen beverages — like slushies and blended coffee drinks — may be a new frontier in healthcare food service. Fully 20 percent of healthcare, hospitality and educational food service operators consider it to be the category with the highest potential for sales growth, according to a recent report by CSP magazine. Take a look at our full line of high-performance blenders and see which one is right for you.

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