Market Segment Smoothie Shops

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More people are searching for satisfying, plant-based nutrition on the go — and smoothie shops have the answer. Smoothie shop operators must contend with the variable cost and quality of fresh produce, as well as the ever-shifting tastes of customers, but there’s one thing they can count on: the dependable performance of commercial smoothie equipment from Hamilton Beach Commercial.

Durability you can Count On

The Eclipse™ High-Performance Blender is unlike any other smoothie blender currently on your counter. It delivers consistent, high-powered blending with less noise and less heat than its energy-hog rivals. So go ahead and blend smoothies back to back to back to back… The Eclipse™ won’t quit.

High Performance for Busy Operations

Hamilton Beach Commercial’s full line of high-performance blenders can solve any challenge smoothie shop operators face. Too much ambient noise? With Quiet Shield™  technology, our blenders can blend creamy smoothies while making no more noise than an ordinary conversation. Or, if your team members are losing valuable minutes hovering over the blender, you need automatic and programmable blending. One-touch Auto Blend, available on the Summit®, detects when a drink has reached the perfect consistency, reducing operator time.

Add Fresh Juice

Adding fresh juice to the menu? Then you need otto™ the Juice Extractor. A high-quality centrifugal juicer, otto™ maximizes yield from fresh fruits and vegetables. Its funnel-shaped spout with 360° rotation ensures that not a drop is lost. otto™ the Juice Extractor happily tackles back-to-back juicing without overheating, and is supremely easy to operate and clean.