Market Segment Bakeries


To knead the dough and brew the coffee, bakers rise before the sun. They need tools that keep up with them, dawn after dawn. Hamilton Beach Commercial bakery equipment is built to last, no matter what you throw at it.

Labor-Saving Power

The compact 8 quart/8 liter CPM800 commercial stand mixer is a true utility player for bakeries of all sizes. With a die-cast aluminum body, all-metal gears and heavy stainless steel attachments, it’s sturdy enough to handle stiff doughs or sticky brioche. Easily create whipped cream, meringues and frosting, plus whip up mashed potatoes, pancake batter — even your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Coffee for a Crowd

Available in 40-cup, 60-cup and 100-cup models, Hamilton Beach Commercial coffee urns are more than a match for the morning rush. The dual-heater system brews outstanding coffee and then holds it at the correct temperature.

High-Volume Toasting

Hamilton Beach Commercial’s slot toasters are made for bakeries, with extra-wide 1.5” slots that easily fit bagels and artisan breads. High volume? No problem. Our toasters can handle 80 to 150 slices per hour, with perfect browning every time.

Precise Portioning

Commercial kitchen dishers help control food costs and ensure consistency. Our dishers’ ergonomic grip, heavy-duty construction and rainbow-hued handles have won a cult following among bakers and chefs — try them for yourself!