High-Performance Blenders

High-Performance Blenders

Improving high-volume efficiency

The types of blenders available for restaurant, cafe and bar use include these high-powered, high-performance models from Hamilton Beach Commercial.

Hamilton Beach Commercial® high-performance blenders are famous for creating a super-creamy drink profile. They’re so talented that many restaurants and bars prefer them over other types of blenders. That’s because with a high-performance blender by Hamilton Beach Commercial®, you get more than blending confidence. You achieve total drink-making mastery.

Hamilton Beach Commercial® high-performance blenders feature timers with automatic shutoff or one-touch blending to give drink operators the precision and control they need.

To lower the noise to conversation level, some of our blenders feature QuietBlend™ technology and an advanced shield enclosure. This lets you blend with amazing power without disturbing your customers’ conversations.

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