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Healthful. Experiential. Customized.

Those are the three magic words for diners from Generation Z, the cohort that includes today’s schoolchildren, teenagers and college students. Colleges, universities and schools are seeking to meet these young foodies’ expectations by expanding offerings to include more fresh juices and custom-blended smoothies. Commercial and school kitchen equipment from Hamilton Beach Commercial makes it easy.

Fresh Juice for the Win

Freshly made juice is a sure-fire hit on cafeteria and dining hall menus, but the labor, expense and cleaning requirements make some food service directors hesitate to offer it. Allow us to introduce  otto™ the Juice Extractor: a high-quality, user-friendly centrifugal juicer that’s designed to maximize juice yield and minimize pulp waste. We designed otto — and field-tested it for months in busy juice bars — to make it ultra-simple to use and clean. otto’s powerful motor allows it to juice almost any kind of produce, including tough vegetables and leafy greens.

Blend Large Volumes Easily

The EXPEDITOR™ family of culinary blenders delivers powerful and precise blending with a capacity up to 1 gallon. With a 3-year warranty — plus a lifetime warranty on the blade and motor drive coupling — the EXPEDITOR stands up to the toughest conditions in busy kitchens.

Manage Costs and Reduce Waste with Vacuum Sealing

The PrimaVac™ line of in-chamber vacuum sealers helps commercial kitchens manage food costs  by extending ingredients’ shelf life beyond the limits of conventional packaging. PrimaVac™ also makes sous vide cooking simple: just vacuum-seal meat, vegetables, poultry or fish, cook to perfection, and hold at temperature until ready to finish and serve.

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