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Recently, we’ve seen the rise of the grocerant: groceries that incorporate a restaurant experience, inviting customers to dine and drink in-store. Offering blended beverages and fresh juices can significantly boost a supermarket’s bottom line and help win shoppers’ loyalty.

From a customer’s perspective, it makes sense: The freshest juice comes from the café right next to the produce section. Entice health-minded shoppers with specialty drinks most people can’t easily make at home, such as raw juices, wheatgrass juice shots, and smoothies. Hamilton Beach Commercial has all the grocery foodservice equipment you need.

Utilize Produce to Create Fresh Juice

otto™ the Juice Extractor is a commercial-quality centrifugal juicer that maximizes juice yield and minimizes pulp waste. Most importantly, it’s simple to use, with no specialty training required. Its powerful motor, wide chute, waste-reducing spout and easy-clean components allow for efficient juicing.

The HWG800 Commercial Wheatgrass Juicer is built like a tank, with a high-torque motor that maximizes juice yield. The surgical-grade, stainless-steel internal parts are easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble, so your juice bar staff can keep the green shots coming.

Blend Smoothies from Scratch

For smoothies made with fresh produce, a commercial blender  is essential. The Eclipse™ High-Performance Blender blends drinks back to back, hour after hour, without overheating. QuietBlend™ technology minimizes noise, which benefits your customers and your employees alike.

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