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Hospitality and Travel

The latest hospitality trend is taking things out of guest rooms. Bye-bye, bathtubs, desks and closets. But minimalism only goes so far. Hoteliers and travel operators know that certain amenities are essential to make guests happy: excellent in-room coffee, user-friendly amenities, and ample breakfast offerings.

Hamilton Beach Commercial helps hotel operators achieve guest satisfaction with high-quality, durable and easily cleaned hospitality products for guest rooms, extended-stay suites and breakfast bars.

Start Your Guests’ Day off Right

High on guests’ wish lists is a pod-based, in-room hotel coffee maker. At Hamilton Beach Commercial, we call our Single Serve Coffeemaker the “A to Z cup” coffee maker, because it handles not only K-cups but any compatible pods. Using a flexible single-serve maker gives hotels the ability to offer a variety of in-room coffee from any preferred roaster.

Hotels rely on Hamilton Beach Commercial for other in-room essentials as well. Compact in-room refrigerators are attractive, energy-efficient and flexible, with a thermostat guests can easily adjust.

Available in wall-mount and handheld styles, our hotel hair dryers are lightweight and powerful. And our line of Durathon® full-size irons stands up to heavy use with a soleplate that lasts 10 times longer than traditional nonstick irons.

Delight Guests at the Breakfast Bar

Downstairs at the breakfast bar, Hamilton Beach Commercial equipment works overtime to serve your guests fresh and delicious food. Commercial-quality slot toasters are easy for guests to use and, with thick and durable heating elements, they deliver reliable toasting performance, morning after morning.

Our large-capacity commercial rice cookers cook oatmeal, porridge, grits and other grains to perfection and hold them at the right temperature. The easy-open lid and nonstick inner pot make serving and cleanup a breeze.

And commercial coffee urns, available in sizes from 40 to 100 cups, are exceptionally easy to set up, use and clean.x