Ice Cream and Yogurt Shops

The seasonal nature of the ice cream and frozen yogurt business means that every second — and every sale — matters. When you can serve customers speedily and consistently, they come back again and again. Hamilton Beach Commercial milkshake and beverage mixers are trusted by small ice cream shops and national chains to deliver delicious results while saving time and staff costs.

Blend Drinks and Treats while Serving Customers

Frozen-treat franchise owners tell us the SmartServe™ Blend in Cup  is faster, cleaner and safer than other drink-blending equipment they’ve used. The Blend in Cup serves blended drinks right in the cup and then automatically rinses itself, saving time, reducing waste, and ensuring sanitation. Not only is this hands-free milkshake maker helpful during peak times, but shop owners find it’s even more valuable during slow periods, because it allows a single team member to keep up with orders.

Dependable Drink Mixer Performance

The MixStation™ Drink Mixers make it easy for team members, regardless of experience, to easily mix smooth shakes and frozen treats with candy, fruit and nut mix-ins. Choose between the HMD1000 Heavy-Duty Drink Mixer, which offers operator maximum control with 6 pre-programmed cycles and variable speed, or the HMD880 Drink Mixer that offers a more simplify drink-making process with just a start/stop switch. Both models were designed for one-hand operation, a wide 8.5” workspace, magnetic splash shield to contain messes, and are easy to wipe clean.

Blend Smoothies Quietly

For fresh-fruit smoothies and other specialty drinks, the Eclipse™ High-Performance Blender powers through order after order with ease. Add in the QuietShield™, and it also protects the ambiance for customers.

Spindle Mixers for Classic Appeal

We’ve been mixing milkshakes since 1911, and we’re still making the machine that started it all: the spindle mixer. Beyond its visual appeal, this classic milkshake mixer — available in single-spindle, triple-spindle and wall-mounted models — delivers powerful performance and unmatched durability. Some restaurants, like New York City’s Lexington Candy Shop, have been using their Hamilton Beach spindle mixer for more than 75 years.

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