Market Segment Juicing Operations

Juice Shops

Thirst for fresh juices continues to grow, and with good reason: juice and smoothies are rich in nutrients, all-natural and delicious. Juice bar operators know, however, that working with fresh produce means profit margins can be thin and food costs high.

Some operators who are just getting into juicing opt for a lower-end juice extractor to save money. This is a recipe for frustration, however, because budget-priced juicers have cheap motors that overheat when you’re running back-to-back cycles. If your goal is building a high-volume business, you need a heavy-duty commercial juicer to keep up with demand.

Heavy-Duty Commercial Juicing

otto™ the Juice Extractor is a high-quality centrifugal juicer that’s designed to maximize juice yield and minimize pulp waste. We designed otto — and field-tested it for months in busy juice bars — to overcome the challenges operators most often face in juicing operations. Additionally, the components of otto™ the Juice Extractor can be disassembled effortlessly for cleaning, and otto’s powerful motor allows it to juice almost any kind of produce, including tough vegetables and leafy greens.

Juicing Wheatgrass for Health-Savvy Customers

Wheatgrass juice can be added to juice blends and smoothies to satisfy some of the most health-savvy juice shop customers. To meet this need, the HWG800 Commercial Wheatgrass Juicer is made to meet the highest standards for power, durability and sanitation. The high-torque motor maximizes juice yield. The surgical-grade, stainless steel internal assembly is easy to disassemble, easy to clean and — this is key — easy to put back together again.

Commercial Smoothie Equipment for Professional Results

If your menu also includes smoothies made with fresh produce, a high-performance blender is essential. The Eclipse™ High-Performance Blender  effortlessly — and quietly — blends drinks back to back, day after day. One-Touch Auto Blend, available on the Summit® blender, automatically detects when a drink has reached the perfect consistency, eliminating operator error.