Market Segment Quick Service Restaurants

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There’s one thing you can say about running quick-service restaurants: It’s never boring. Every day brings a new challenge, whether it’s an equipment failure, no-show staff, a drive-thru backup… In the midst of it all, busy operators know they can rely on commercial restaurant equipment from Hamilton Beach Commercial to streamline service, shave seconds off order fulfillment time, and simplify processes.

Durable, Quiet Blending

The Eclipse™ High-Performance Blender delivers consistent, high-powered blending while generating less noise and less heat than its energy-hog rivals.

Engineered to Withstand Tough Conditions

All of our high-performance blenders are designed to withstand the toughest conditions in a high-output restaurant kitchen. Steam, spills, heat, bangs and bumps don’t faze our blenders, which undergo rigorous lab testing in extreme conditions. Not only are they rugged, but they’re simple for your team members  to use, with automatic and programmable blending options.

And if something does go wrong and you need to send a high-performance blender in for service, we won’t leave you blenderless. In the U.S., Hamilton Beach Commercial’s Express Care Warranty sends you a brand-new replacement and pays to ship the old unit back to us.

Blending Automation to Help your Staff

If milkshakes are on the menu, you need the SmartServe™ Blend in Cup. This hands-free milkshake maker blends drinks in a disposable cup and then automatically runs a rinse cycle. The result: team members save time, waste is reduced and your store stays cleaner.

One owner of a national franchise tells us he gets double the production with one less employee. Not only that, but the Blend in Cup generates much less noise than a conventional drink mixer, making it easier for team members to hear customers — and each other.