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If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. No one knows that better than restaurateurs working in the fast-paced world of casual and fast casual dining. That’s why smart operators invest in equipment that gives them an edge. Hamilton Beach Commercial restaurant equipment can streamline service, simplify food prep work and make kitchen staff more efficient.

Powerful Food Prep for Busy Restaurants

The EXPEDITOR™ family of culinary blenders is made for high-volume, high-performance blending in busy restaurant kitchens. With a 3.5 Hp motor, load-sensing technology, and a one-touch chop function, it’s the most powerful and versatile blender you’ve ever used. Its rugged construction and 3-year warranty — plus a lifetime warranty on the blade and motor drive coupling — make the EXPEDITOR a tool your commercial kitchen will rely on for years.

Durable, Consistent Blending for Smoothies and Drinks

The Eclipse™ high-performance blender powers through smoothies and frozen drinks with ease, shift after shift.  It is more than a smoothie blender: it’s a heavy-duty-restaurant blender your business can count on.

Reduce Waste and Increase Speed with Vacuum Sealing

Fighting high food costs? The solution: the PrimaVac™ line of in-chamber vacuum sealers. PrimaVac™ vacuum packaging machines remove the air from fresh food, extending its useful shelf life far beyond the limits of conventional packaging. The thoughtful use of vacuum packaging can dramatically reduce food waste and improve sanitation. It can also speed service by allowing chefs to portion and prepare more food in advance.

For food prep and high performance blending, Hamilton Beach Commercial has the commercial restaurant equipment to keep your business running efficiently.

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